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To get rid of starvation and kick off heartfelt smile to under privileged and less fortunate children, we have initiated a monthly “Food for the Poor Program’’ in Delhi-NCR. Everybody realizes the necessity to feed quality food and restore happiness to that shabby and discarded class of our society. They have all the rights to lead a normal life like ours. Don’t you realize so?? Join hands with us in the pious work for the society...

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In continuation of charity work of ‘’free food offering for the poor”, we are organizing our next program on 4th of March 2017. Our ongoing project has eternal significance. We wish to eradicate poverty and hunger once for all from our country and humanity in the larger perspective as it is a curse that prevails in our society. Unfortunately, there is a large contour that divides poor from affluent people. We have observed that there is plenty of good food around us and we occasionally waste it mercilessly without realizing the fact that there are millions of people who are deprived of having two times food.

It is a point of introspection and we must get our heads together to realize the irony of underprivileged class. That is the reason we want to bring smile on their faces by offering good food at least once in a month (we wish we could do it everyday!) What we want is just moral support and that’s it…


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  • 26 January Successfully
  • 4 March Successfully
  • 9 Apirl Successfully
  • 14 May Successfully
  • 22 July Succesfully
  • 26 August Succesfully
  • 23rd September Succesfully
  • 15 October Succesfully
  • 18 November Succesfully
  • 23 December Succesfully
  • 26 January 2018 Succesfully
  • 24 February 2018 Upcoming

If you want to contribute in terms of money, food or any other articles. Call us : 9210430047

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Css Founder organising “Free Food For Needy Children” Programme For Those who are less Fortunate, under privileged and unable to have good food.

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26 January 2017

4 March 2017


9 April 2017

14 May 2017

26 January 2018

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